Children's testimonial

Some of the children talk about their achievements and also express their gratitude to the organisation.

Trevor Ssenyange


Namawejje Carol, conceived Trevor at 19 years of age. The father of the child disappeared during pregnancy and at that point, she was staying with her grandmother and barely had anything to eat.Since she could not afford medical services, she worked as a house help in order to be able to take care of the pregnancy. She finally gave birth to Trevor, however, the child had a disability which she did not realise then. The child suffers from cerebral palsy. He had delayed development, and could not walk even at two years.


Carol was advised to take Trevor to SDCG, where he was given physiotherapy, speech therapy and was put on a diet. This helped him improve and was able to sit at 2.5yrs, crawled at 4, and finally walked at five years.

Through the combined effort of the therapists and the special needs teacher, Trevor was successfully admitted to an inclusive school early this year, 2023. He has adopted to the school environment and has made new friends. His dream is to become an engineer in the future.

Special thanks to the executive director of SDCG for taking care of the welfare of me and my son, taking him to school and empowering me.



Miracle is a daughter to a single mother. She was born on 7/02/2013. The mother used to work overnight, so she would lock the child in the house. The neighbors approached the director of SDCG concerning the child’s circumstances,and the mother later asked for help from the centre. She suffers from cerebral palsy.

She was brought in totally malnourished and almost dying. She was first admitted in hospital and then put on a two hourly feeding diet.


Miracle is one of our children with severe palsy. Due to continuous seizures, Miracle became stiff and the muscles in the throat contracted and she was unable to feed. Food could go to the lungs instead of the stomach. She was diagnosed by the Neurologist who advised for a peg placement surgery which was successfully done on 8th August 2022.

Miracle can now feed well through the feeding tube. She is very healthy and has gained weight. The seizures have also reduced and she no longer falls sick as often as before. She can recognize people and respond to her name. She can also sit with minimal support. We are glad that she can afford a smile, thankfully to our donors.

Pauline Kantono


By the time of being brought to the centre, Pauline could not sit, she was always constipated. She also had frequent convulsions but is now on medication. She suffers from cerebral palsy and micro chepharous. She was put on physiotherapy, speech therapy and a proper diet. She can now sit and crawl.


Pauline has improved on her mental well being. She can now recognise people around her, stand around the corner with self support, sitting and also concentrating to different music sounds.